Mother nature has always bestowed upon us the best available resources for the well being of all the beautiful creations on this earth. Among those creations, one being, one creed, one race stands apart- the human being.

As per traditional belief, all the 5 elements- Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space- do form a vital part of our body. Each one is a part of the human body in a predefined ratio, ensuring right balance to maintain the health & vitality. A slight imbalance in the proportions leads to uninvited agony. Nevertheless, the body is potent enough to restore the balance, and regain the old charm again. Then do we really need nature’s support ?

Before we dive in search of the answer to this mystery, let’s understand where we stand today. Right from the days of Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens- the human beings- have been wandering in search of something known to none. In this quest, we have invented & discovered mysteries of the universe. From the Stone Age to now, humans have evolved to great extent in terms of food habits, communications, thinking, and what not. Using as old as stone, as a weapon, to modern sophisticated revolvers, man has devised many a tools to ensure Darwin’s theory of “survival of the fittest” stays true.

Far from being content with what he has and unhappy with anything the world can give, man has embraced life of ill health on both physical & emotional levels. In quest of exponential materialistic growth, he has chosen a path of distress. The sedentary lifestyle has invited disorders like insomnia, diabetes, metabolic syndromes, stress, etc.

That’s where the nature comes to the rescue of man, though he has been selfish to exploit the nature to quench the limitless thirst for materialistic gains. Nature has provided enough to restore the health & well being of mankind in his vicinity.

Speaking Tree is a small effort to bring the benefits of Mother Nature to mankind, in its purest form. At Speaking Tree , we ensure to select the best choice of ingredient for optimum utilisation by the body. Speaking Tree is way to interact with the subtle intricacies of the self, to heal thyself.

Mother nature, by inherence, has showered the mankind with eternal bliss and love. Speaking Tree is a small effort put forward to bring the right choice on ingredient with true potency to ensure the smooth flow of bliss continues….