February 5, 2018

Essential oils have several benefits. Every essential oil has unique characteristics that benefit in terms of health & beauty. From common cold and flu to severe acne and rosacea conditions an be treated with essential oils. Essential oils are a natural way to treat ailments without any side effects. But it is important that a premium quality essential oil is used to reap maximum benefits. I have used a lot of essential oils from several brands during past 6-7 years, that I have got a sense of what is effective and what is not.

Speaking Tree sent two essential oils to me – Tea Tree & Lavender, which are my cult favorite essential oils in general. Today, I am going to write about my experience with Speaking Tree Tea Tree Essential Oil. I have been using it in many ways to test it’s efficacy & claims. Stay with me to know more about this essential oil.

Speaking Tree Tea Tree Premium Quality Essential Oil


Speaking Tree believes in delivering natural, pure & organic products. It brings 100% natural & chemical free Tea Tree essential oil which is of premium quality. This essential oil being pure works to treat skin & hair ailments. The antiseptic properties of the essential oil relieves from bacterial infections and strengthens immunity. The essential oil comes in a convenient packaging and is very affordable.

Price & Availability

Speaking Tree Tea Tree essential oil retail at Rs. 395 for 15ml. You can find it over Speaking Tree website.


The packaging of the product is very nice. I am really impressed. Not just the outer card box is attractive and classy but the essential oil ships with a European dropper which can be used to apply the oil over skin with ease.

The oil is packed inside a royal blue colored tiny glass bottle with a white cap on top. The glass bottle has a narrow nozzle fitted to dispense the oil drops. The oil however pours free flow and needs to be careful if directly using from the bottle. I have transferred some of the oil to the European bottle that has a ball fitted at the top which makes things really easy. This ball can be swiped across skin, and essential oil is applied evenly. I really like this feature.

The glass bottle has a light green label across it which gives all the information about the product. Also there is a leaflet with the bottle which illustrates benefits & uses of the essential oil.


100% pure & natural, steam distilled oil from Melaleuca Alternifolia i.e. Tea Tree Oil

Fragrance & Texture

It smells like Tea Tree Oil of course. It has that authentic smell. Since it is steam distilled oil, it is runny like water. It gets absorbed fast since because of it’s consistency.

My Experience

Tea Tree essential oil is a boon for oily, acne prone skin. I realized this few years back when I first used tea tree oil as spot treatment. I have used tea tree essential oil from various brands such as Aroma Magic, Khadi, Soul Tree, Ryaal, Bliss Of Earth, Elixer Shop etc. Some have been hit while some has been just average. Speaking Tree is a new brand but I can say it is really promising from what I have experienced. This is how tea tree oil from Speaking Tree worked for me for my various concerns:

Acne Treatment

The first thing I use Tea tree oil is to treat my active zits. I suffer from hormonal acne, so there are lines of acne zits along my jaw line. I really wish it to stop but this nuisance just wont stop. So I have been using Speaking Tree tea tree oil on these zits, and it does soothe them down. It takes away the redness (inflammation) and reduces zit size helping to dry them soon. It does work, like within 2 applications there is considerable effect to be seem. But no, it can’t really stop hormonal acne, since it’s something internal and deep rooted.

Daily Moisturizer For Oily & Acne Prone Skin

I like to use it as my daily moisturizer after morning shower. Reason being, it’s water like consistency. It’s zero oil. It still works as a moisturizer. I kind of creating a defensive layer over my skin to ward off bacteria.

Soothing Agent To Irritated Skin & Rashes

My skin is also sensitive, so in case it gets rubbed off or brushed against something, it gets irritated and all red. Tea Tree has great inflammation properties that can calm down irritated skin. You can actually use it against wounds & rashes. Tea Tree essential oil from Speaking Tree also works beautifully to sooth irritated skin.

Dandruff Treatment

My hubby does suffer from dandruff specially now the cold wave has begun, so his dandruff has returned. I apply few drops of this tea tree oil in his scalp once daily, and it has been giving nice results. I hope his problem won’t get worse till he keeps on using it.

Aromatic Experience

This oil can be used in a diffuser too. Also I have used few drops of this oil in my bathing water to have a refreshing bath.

High On Gloss- Nisha

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